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NSSD Supt. Search Screening Committee Named

The NSSD Board of Directors appointed members of the 2022 Supt. Search Screening Advisory Committee at the March 3, 2022 meeting. In addition to the two board student representatives, the committee consists of 20 individuals representing parents, staff, business owners and association representatives with connections to all seven District campuses.


The Board appreciates everyone who applied to participate. The level of interest amongst District stakeholders has given them a great deal of encouragement that the process will be collaborative and dynamic!


Alan Kirby
Carmelle Bielenberg
Casey Dark
Jane Nofziger
Jennifer Tiger
Jessica Ritchie
Jodie DeBauw
Jonathan Humphreys (replaced Sella Bemrose)
Joseph Traeger
Kimberly Knox
Megan Schiedler
Michael Proctor
Neal Cordry
Paulie Lime
Rebecca Arnold
Ryan Whieldon
Sharon Goodman
Susy Sary
Tod Nau
Vikki Pointer
​Tayven Whieldon (student)
Sarah Wolf (student)​