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Indoor/Outdoor Contact Sports Opt In Form for 2020-21

Indoor/Outdoor Full Contact Sports Opt-In Form

Updated 4/22/2021

This form is to be used by a school located in a county designated as High Risk or Extreme Risk to notify of its intent to opt in to offer indoor/outdoor full contact sports for the 2020-21 school year in accordance with the Oregon Health Authority’s Sector Guidance – Indoor Recreation and Indoor Fitness Establishments. 

In Lower Risk and Moderate Risk counties, practices and games for indoor/outdoor contact sports can resume following health and safety guidance to be issued by the Oregon Health Authority.

In High Risk and Extreme Risk counties, where COVID-19 remains more widespread, schools and other sports organizations can opt-in to resuming indoor/outdoor full contact sports with additional protocols in place. In such counties, sports organizations must offer on-site responsive testing for symptomatic individuals and close contacts, contact information for contact tracing, and a waiver identifying health and safety risks and a commitment to isolation and quarantine if exposed to COVID-19. Schools in Extreme and High Risk counties must also have at least limited in-person instruction occurring, with the goal of achieving hybrid or full in-person instruction for students this school year. Schools must also be in compliance with state guidance for COVID-19 testing.




Name of School/District

Stayton High School, NSSD

Key Contact Person for this Plan

Darren Shryock, AD

Phone Number of this Person


Email Address of this person

Specify Indoor Full Contact Sports Included in this Plan

Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Dance

Intended Starting Date for this Plan Update