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SHS All League Honors- Fall

This has been an amazing regular season for the fall athletes here at Stayton High School. We have had many kids honored with all league awards. Here is the list of our decorated athletes:



Ben Rash- Offensive Player of the Year; 1st team quarterback; 1st team defensive back

Jared Mitchell- 1st team tight end; 2nd team linebacker

Logan Classen- 1st team wide receiver; 1st team defensive back

Justin Large- 1st team center; 1st team defensive line

Mason Strand- 1st team guard; honorable mention defensive line

Bryce Whieldon- 1st team tackle; 2nd team defensive line

Joshua Belliard- 2nd team wide receiver; 2nd team defensive line

Cristian Vazquez- 2nd team tackle

James Bridge- 1st team linebacker; honorable mention running back

Brock Hubert- honorable mention tight end

Carson Rasmussen- honorable mention guard

Clinton Brownell- honorable mention defensive line

Eli Brown- honorable mention


Boys' Soccer:

Coach of the Year: Chris Shields

Jayden Esparza- Co-Player of the Year; 1st team offense

Ivan Pelayo- 1st team goal keeper

Omar Renteria- 1st team offense

David Ramirez- 1st team offense

Isael Ramirez- 2nd team offense

Julian Pelayo- 2nd team defense

Damien Uribe- honorable mention offense

Omar Garcia- honorable mention defense

Nolan Cramer- honorable mention defense


Girls' Soccer:

KJ Nyquist- Player of the Year; 1st team offense

Maddie Pask- 1st team offense

Kirsten Burt- 2nd team offense

Julieta Arreola- 2nd team defense

Alissa Humphries- honorable mention offense

Rian Hill- honorable mention offense

Allie Hlavinka- honorable mention defense

Kenzie Pugh- honorable mention defense



Hannah Mitzel- 2nd team

Carly Rose Lederer- 2nd team

Kalista Szmyd- honorable mention 

Emma Heuberger- honorable mention 


Cross Country:

Ben Kirby- 1st team

Hope Bridge- 1st team

Hailey Notman- 1st team

Bridget Spencer- 2nd team

Skyla Anderson- honorable mention

Sarah Wolf- honorable mention

Jessica Mitchell- honorable mention


Go Eagles