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First Annual Senior Walk

For the first time ever, seniors at SHS were given the opportunity to walk the halls of their elementary and middle schools in the district as one last farewell before they venture off into the world. Students donned their caps and gowns and made the trek back to where it all started. They were greeted by cheering students from Kindergarten to 8th grade and all the teachers and staff whose efforts have brought this moment to reality. Some held signs and others had noise makers but one thing was constant, joy was abundent. Teachers were thrilled to see their former students about to embark on new adventures and sweet little ones looked up in awe at the big kids they hope to be one day. The seniors themselves were not immune to the emotions taking over. At SES, the "big kids" were given a few moments to interact with the "little kids" on the playground. They shot hoops, played four-square and even went down the slide in their graduation robes. One senior shared that felt a tug on his robe and looked down into the wide-eyes of Kindergartner who quietly said, "This is the best day ever!". I don't think there was a person present who would disagree.