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Monday Late Start History

Monday Late Start Overview

The North Santiam School District is committed to ensuring high levels of learning for all students.  Several years ago the District spent a significant amount of time building knowledge and implementing research based best practices that schools across the nation are using to boost student learning. Researches have concluded that the implementation of Professional Learning Community practices is currently the most promising path for sustained and substantial improvement of schools and districts. Implementation is ahead of schedule due to the focus on establishing these practices. The momentum of positive energy is present in all schools. Establishing a focus on learning, building a collaborative culture, and a focus on results are the key ideas of a Professional Learning Community.  


The founders of the Professional Learning Community (PLC) movement advocate that the dedication of adequate time is key to the successful implementation the Professional Learning Practices.  “Late start” is a practice used by many school districts to enhance educational opportunities and educational quality for children through the creation of job-embedded professional development, and collaboration time for teachers. By carving out precious time for teachers, creating mutual accountability for how time is utilized, and implementing new curriculum and instructional practices developed during this time, communities create possibilities for increasing student achievement and expectations. We have dedicated professional educators who are also excited about fully implementing these practices and who also recognize the potential impact on student learning. 


We realize adjusting family schedules is a significant request and commitment for parents and students.  To be accountable to our parents and students, all administrators will be participating in evaluations, which they share annually to the School Board.  The evaluations and resulting action planning will ensure this shared commitment of time is utilized to maximize student learning. To accommodate families, all buildings (except the High School) have supervision of students for families that can not make this adjustment work in their schedules. The Districts classified staff is on their normal schedules and will be available to supervise students to support a limited number of families. 


With some exceptions  all buses are exactly one hour delayed from their normal pick-up times and school start time will be delayed exactly one hour from their normal routines.