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Principal's Message:


We recently passed the one year anniversary of when we started spring break early in an attempt to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. None of us imagined at that time that a whole year later, schools would still be radically impacted. We’ve become experts at adapting to change, it seems. I want to acknowledge that a mid-year change in school leadership is another unexpected dynamic and can feel quite unsettling. My hope is that the years I have spent serving Stayton High School will allow for a smooth transition so that this feels more like a continuation of leadership as you’ve already known it rather than a jarring change.

I began my service to Stayton High School straight out of college when I was hired as a language arts teacher. I taught at SHS for seventeen years and I know many of you parents sat in my classroom at some point. When I returned to the building as the assistant principal three years ago, it was surreal to see many former students reflected in the faces of our current students. I feel strangely proud when I get to work with a former student as a parent to support their child, who is now an SHS student. My oldest child graduated from SHS in 2020, and my youngest child is a student here. I have proudly sent my own children to school at Stayton High, and have complete confidence in our staff to meet all students’ needs. You can be certain that when I make decisions and wrestle with the challenges that face our school, I focus primarily on how students are impacted. 

I love Stayton High School. Our staff is committed to seeing your students be successful and live into their full potential. Your students are some of the most polite and considerate young people I know. I look forward to partnering with you and serving your students for years to come.

Vicky Storey