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NSSD Goals Process

NSSD has a systematic needs assessment and goal setting process that provides a clear and focused direction for the district.  Within this process all improvement activities and initiatives for the entire district are identified.  This process begins in February when the Board reviews all Board and District Goals.  The superintendent follows the Board with his goals for the following year.  These two initial steps set the stage for district directors and building principals to make aligned decisions for the coming school year.


In June,  the District completes a dynamic needs assessment review (Data Workshop), with all building principals, directors, associate superintendent and superintendent. In this review, similar data sources were used to analyze district and building needs. The assessment and data reviewed are District Interim Assessments, State Assessments, SWISS (referral data) , Attendance, 9th grade on-track, Teacher Needs Assessment Survey, Professional Audit of Collaborative Teaming (PACT), TELL survey, Teacher Evaluation Data (Oregon Matrix, SLG meets), and individual building survey collections.


Each school submits annual building goals. Each plan has an Immediate, Intermediate #1, Intermediate #2, and a Long Term goal. Each of these goal areas are written with a Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Targeted (SMART) goal format. Goals are created, monitored, and evaluated at the building and district level. All building principals and directors submit quarterly reports to the Board and principals provide verbal updates when they host a Board meeting at their school site. At the conclusion of this process, district and building targeted goals are completed and common outcomes are often identified.


In August, the results of the prior year’s goal results are presented to the Board and the current goals are presented.  During August in-service activities, each of our five buildings present their goals to staff.  Often, building goals are then leveraged for teachers to write their individual or team goals.

The district utilizes this process to make informed decisions on how to utilize all federal and state funding to make continuous district and school improvements.