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Dear Parents,

First of all, I just want to say “thank you” to all of our boys' basketball parents for your patience this season. It was a crazier season than I had anticipated and we all did our best to make it the best we could. We had a TON of cancellations and schedule changes, I think 6 in all, which made for a difficult time to schedule and/or add games. Teams across the league experienced the same thing. Please know that I tried to get some of our canceled games rescheduled, but some schools weren’t able to accommodate dates on their end or I wasn’t able to on our end. Things definitely didn’t go as planned at times.


Also, THANK YOU for putting up with Mr. Proctor and I as we officiated games. Haha! I actually really enjoyed the opportunity to be more actively involved than just game supervision and I appreciated all of you supporting that effort. I also want to publicly thank Kyle Hughes, Ryan Westenskow, and Ryan Whieldon for their willingness to help officiate our games. We definitely couldn’t have had a successful season without them! It was truly a blessing to have community members willing to step up and help out to make sure our season went as smoothly as possible.


Our Dance Team is working hard and it’s been great to see our kids building those skills again! It’s been a long time! Coach Gilbreth has those kids working hard! While we aren’t a competition team, they have a couple of upcoming performances that we are excited about! First, they will be dancing during halftime of the 8th-grade boys basketball game on March 7th and will also be performing for our 4th and 5th graders at an upcoming assembly! To have a choreographed routine ready in such a short period of time is pretty cool and a direct reflection of how hard they are working!


It’s crazy to think that we are even starting to think about the upcoming track and field season, but it is right around the corner! Signups are underway! If you haven’t signed up yet, please use FamilyID to register your child and enter a current physical. Please be sure to have the physical on the correct form. Here are the links for the correct forms:


Track and Field starts March 14th for all 6th-8th grade students. Practice will be held at Stayton High School. Athletes coming from Mari-Linn and Sublimity schools will be dropped off at the high school for practice. Stayton Middle School students will walk from Stayton Middle School to Stayton High School after school for practice. Practice will run from approximately 3:15-5:00. The athletic shuttle will then run student-athletes from Sublimity and Mari-Linn schools back to their respective schools for parent pick up or to walk home from there. Of course, parents may always pick their child up at Stayton High School at 5:00.


Currently, our track and field coaches are Danny Curiel (, Kelsey Hallin (, and Samantha Massie ( If you have any questions regarding track and field, feel free to contact any of our coaches or myself. We would be more than happy to help!


Thank you again for all of your amazing support throughout this school year as we do everything we can to have athletics programs back in our buildings. It’s been great!


Go Vikings!

Matt Olson

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Stayton Middle School