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Dear Families, 


First of all, I want to take a minute to say “Thank You!” for all of the support and patience this year. I never anticipated how difficult maintaining middle school athletics would be heading into this school year. From trying to schedule buses, finding referees, canceling games, rescheduling games when we could, and everything in between made being an athletic director almost a full time job for the first 10 weeks of school or so. That was a pretty crazy time! Luckily, things started to calm down…sort of…by about mid-way through the girls basketball season. By the time it was track and field season, things started to feel like old times. 


As we turn the page from 2021-2022, I just wanted to send out an end of year newsletter to give you some information on a few informational items as well as a few things that you’ll want on your calendars as well as! There’s a lot of information below, but my hope is that it will help answer as many questions as possible as we all head into summer. 


Fall Sports Optional Conditioning Week

Each year we offer 3 days of conditioning prior to the start of Fall sports. This year, these conditioning practices will be August 29. 30, 31. These are optional practices for all Fall sports (volleyball, football, cross country, boys soccer, and girls soccer). 


Middle School Athletic Options

  • Fall Sports (September 6th-October 28)
      • 6/7/8 grade Cross Country
      • 7th-grade Football - Season may extend into 1st week of November
      • 8th-grade Football - Season may extend into 1st week of November
      • 7th-grade Volleyball (A and B teams)
      • 8th-grade Volleyball (A and B teams)
      • 7th/8th Combined Boys Soccer
      • 7th/8th Combined Girls Soccer
  • Winter 1 (October31-January 16)
      • 6/7/8 Wrestling
      • 7th-grade Girls Basketball (A and B teams)
      • 8th-grade Girls Basketball (A and B teams)
  • Winter 2 (January 17th-March 7th)
      • 7th-grade Boys Basketball (A and B teams)
      • 8th-grade Boys Basketball (A and B teams)
  • Spring (March 13-May 12)


7th and 8th Grade: Optional July and August Workouts

Mr. Tamayo, our physical education teacher and coach, is offering some July and August workouts. He will be using the high school weight room, gym, and track facilities. He has a deep background and training in teaching weight training to people of all levels. This program will focus on foundational skills and technique in the weight room in order to familiarize our student-athletes to the weight room as well as speed, conditioning, and footwork drills that will make all student-athletes better prepared for participation in any athletic setting. This is a really great opportunity for our middle school athletes and something that has never been offered before! Thank you, Mr. Tamayo for your commitment! Here are some links to help provide more information: 



We use an online platform to help all families easily sign students up for sports called FamilyID (LINK). If you have an existing account, you will not need to set it up again. Parents of new student athletes will need to set up an account. Please note that the initial setup process is a bit lengthy. Once the account is set up, however, the sign-up process and athletic physicals are all paperless and can be loaded into your account. 


Currently, our FamilyID system is not set up for the 2022-2023 seasons, but we are working on it as we close the door on this last school year! Parents may start signing their student-athletes up for fall sports by July 1st. The sooner parents can get their child signed up, the easier it is for me to forecast each sport and hire the appropriate amount of coaches. Please do not wait until the last minute to sign your child up!


Sports Physicals

All student-athletes must have a current sports physical on file. You can upload those documents into your FamilyID account. Sports physicals are good for 2 years. There is a required form that the sports physical needs to be completed on. Here is the form: 


There are a number of opportunities for families to access sports physicals this year. CLICK HERE for a flyer with some important information from Santiam Hospital in regards to accessing sports physicals in our area.  


The NSSD will not be providing a sports physical clinic this year. As a result, families will need to either access the clinic being held at Regis or set an appointment with their family doctor. Last year, families had a difficult time scheduling these appointments, having to wait weeks before they could get an appointment on their calendars. Please do your best to get these scheduled as soon as you can. Any sports physical submitted after the start of the season will have a 24 hour waiting period so that our nurses can clear them and develop any needed health and safety protocols required by the physical.


I hope you all have a wonderful and safe summer! If you need any additional information or have any questions, please reach out to me at


Go Vikings!


Matt Olson

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Stayton Intermediate and Middle School