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Congratulations to our 8th Graders!

We just wrapped up two days of eighth grade drive through promotion. It was so good to see our eighth graders and the excitement on their faces as well as their family members' faces. We had 110 of our 135 eighth grade students drive through and pick up their promotion certificates. They also received a promotion program as well as any other certificates that they might have earned throughout the year. We took a lot of pictures that will serve as a reminder of what we have accomplished this year. Seeing the kids was great for our soul as educators, I hope the students feel the same way. We have spent the last five years with this class and built some great relationships. As educators, that is what it is all about.  Below are promotion speeches from myself, Mr. Olson and ASB President Benny Perez.  These as well as the photos taken during promotion will be compiled into a slide show that we hope to share out next week to students and parents.

Benny's Speech

Mr. Proctor's speech

Mr. Olson's speech