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We are Celebrating at Sublimity!

We are celebrating Mrs. Britton's 5th Grade Class for OUTSTANDING ATTENDNACE for the month of January!


Mrs. Britton's students had the best attendance for our K-5 classes for the month of January!  Did you know that coming to school, on-time, and ready to learn is very important for your success as a student?  Parents can help as well, making sure students understand part of their "job" as a student is to come to school, on-time and ready to learn!  We want all of our students to be ready to go out into the world and become successful people, one of the first steps to becoming a successful adult is learning the importance of attendance and being on-time.  If it becomes a regular routine, it will be an easy accomplishment!


We are looking forward to celebrating many more successes at Sublimity School!