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Student Accident & Sickness Insurance Plans for 22-23


Student Accident Insurance is Now More Important Than Ever!

Student Accident & Sickness Plan (SASP) covers sickness as well as injuries 24/7, providing reimbursement for most services and supplies at 80% of UCR up to $50,000/sickness and $200,000/injury after a small $50 deductible.  

Important Coverage Features-    

 911 – Emergency care following an acute injury or sickness can be traumatic for everyone involved. That’s why all of our plans, regardless of benefit option, cover eligible Ambulance (ground and air), Emergency Room (room and  supplies) charges and Emergency Physician charges at 100% of UCR.

Sports concussions – Head injuries related to interscholastic sports are a matter of huge concern. All of our plans cover eligible charges for the evaluation and treatment of qualified sports concussions at 100% of UCR as well.

While it’s impossible to predict the full impact that COVID-19 will continue to have on schools and families, we at Myers-Steven & Toohey are certain that the damage to the economy will result in many more students who are either completely uninsured  or underinsured than was the case before the pandemic took hold. 

Our Plans Can Help!


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