• Stayton Intermediate/Middle Schools serves grades 4-8 within the green section of this map Stayton Boundaries Map

     If you live inside these boundaries but wish to attend another school district or to apply to attend a different school within NSSD, please contact the Superintendent's office at 503-769-4928 or at communications@nsantiam.k12.or.us. Transfers into or within NSSD may be limited due to class sizes at your school of choice. Likewise, it is advisable to contact an outside school district first to ensure they are accepting transfers into their district at your student's grade level(s). 

    NSSD will no longer be releasing students for 2020-21 to online charter schools such as OR Connections Academy or Silvies River Charter School as the District has now reached the limit of students allowed by law who are already enrolled in these institutions. This does not apply to requests to transfer to other "brick & mortar" schools or to parents wishing to homeschool their students using their own curriculum. 


    Parents/Guardians will need to complete the registration packet and return it to the school office.  Printable pdfs are available below but there are also packets available at the SMS main doors or you can call the SMS office at 503-769-2198 and we can mail them. The school office is open and there is a blue box in front of the SMS main doors where you can drop them off. 

    GRADES 6-8

    2020-21 SMS Registration Forms 
    2020-21 SMS Registration Forms Spanish 

    GRADES 4-5

    2020-21 SIS Registration Forms
    2020-21 SIS Registration Forms Spanish

    *Please note that proof of residence is required for enrollment in all grades*

    Main Office Location: 1021 Shaff Rd, Stayton
    Grades 6-8: 503-769-2198 (building that is to the right of the main entrance into the parking lot)
    Grades 4-5: 503-769-4065 (building that is straight ahead of the main entrance into the parking lot)

    Students who are continuing enrollment from one year to the next will typically complete the process in the spring for the upcoming new school year. This often coincides with parent teacher conferences. This process is initiated by the school so parents need only to respond with applicable updates and paperwork when prompted. Once school begins and a student withdraws their enrollment or is dropped automatically by the school after 10 consecutive days of absences, they will need to contact the school office to re-enroll. 

    If you have not returned your child's 2020-21 registration forms, please return them or call the office for another copy. These forms give us the most current information for your student and allows us to contact you when necessary. Thanks for taking the time.


    Starting in 20-21, NSSD will offer students a fully online option for education. Students who enroll in this option may still be able to attend PE and music at Stayton Intermediate and also elective classes and athletics at Stayton Middle School (once in-person school resumes) since they remain enrolled as students of the District. For more information (including a link to pre-register) please click on OPTIONS ACADEMY