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    NSSD Options Academy operates as an optional online school program governed by the North Santiam School District guidelines and policies.


    Welcome to the NSSD Options Academy!

    The North Santiam School District has founded a new, fully on-line K-12 option to serve our families who wish to have their children learn from home rather than attending one of our brick-and-mortar schools. Students who enroll in this program will be engaged in distance learning for the entire school year, with the instruction happening virtually.  This flexibility will allow students to work in a setting that can best meet their needs however, it is important that each student has a designated parent or family member as their “Learning Coach” to support them, especially at the K-5th grade level.

    The program requires internet access and a Disrict-owned chromebook will be provided during the school year. Students who enroll in NSSD Options Adacemy will be able to participate in activities like sports, band or choir at NSSD schools (once they are available) at no cost. Once classes have begun, students may be able to switch from "in-person" classroom attendance to Options Academy one time per school year, depending on space availability at their grade level. Transfers from Options Academy to in-person schooling will only be allowed at the semester break (end of each January). If a request to enroll in Options Academy is received after August 14, 2020, the launch time to start the program may be slighlty delayed due to having to wait for materials from Fuel Ed to arrive or assignment to a teacher. 

    Curriculum for at home learning is provided by Fuel Education and is customizable to each student's level. NSSD students will be assigned to NSSD staff as much as possible to oversee their progress. In some cases when the number of students is small in a particular course or grade level, students may be assigned to Fuel Ed teachers.

    To view a list of courses available or more information about Fuel Education, choose from the options on the right or choose "pages" from a mobile device. If you need more information than what is available on these pages, please email communications@nsantiam.k12.or.us.

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