Financial Aid/Scholarships

  • There are many types of financial aid to help students attend a college, university or trade school.

    • Types of Aid:
      • Grants: No repayment required and typcially are needs-based; Awarded by Federal & State Government 
      • Scholarships/Need Based: No repayment required and are awarded based on student/family's need;
      • Scholarships/Merit based: No repayment required and are awarded based on students' merits (grades, community service, activities, essays, awards, etc.); 
      • Student Loans: Repayment required, usually starting 6 months after graduation. Available from Government and from Private Institutions;
      • Work Study: Students earn money to pay for school through part-time on (and sometimes off) campus jobs. Availability varies from school to school.  

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Mr. Kirby

If you have questions about college options, financial aid, scholarships, FAFSA, trade programs, or just need to talk through your options, I'm here to help.  During the school closure, I will be available to meet online with students and parents to help answer questions about future plans.  I'll also send out regular college/career updates an videos to the app and your email.  

You can reach me at:

503-769-2336 ext 5221