Financial Aid/Scholarships

  • There are many types of financial aid to help students attend a community college, university or trade school.

    • Types of Aid:
      • Grants: No repayment required and typically are needs-based; Awarded by Federal & State Government 
      • Scholarships/Need Based: No repayment required and are awarded based on student/family's need;
      • Scholarships/Merit based: No repayment required and are awarded based on students' merits (grades, community service, activities, essays, awards, etc.); 
      • Student Loans: Repayment required, usually starting 6 months after graduation. Available from Government and from Private Institutions;
      • Work Study: Students earn money to pay for school through part-time on (and sometimes off) campus jobs. Availability varies from school to school.  

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Mr. Kirby

If you have questions about college options, financial aid, scholarships, FAFSA, trade programs, or just need to talk through your options, I'm here to help.   I'll also send out regular college/career updates to the app and your email.  

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