• Parents of each year's Senior Class have committed to plan and host an All Night Graduation Party that is guaranteed to be free of alcohol and drugs. The fundraising activities are to pay for the activities, event location, insurance, food, prizes and transportation (if the event is held off campus). It is the hope that all seniors who desire to attend can do so for free. However, students are expected to participate in the planning and fundraising activities. 
    The Stayton Booster Club has agreed to act as the sponsor of the event so organizers can utilize the Booster's non-profit status and insurance. The Senior Party Planning Committee (SPPC) is made up of the current year's parents. Regular meetings are every 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00pm in the high school library.
    There is a private Facebook page called "Stayton High Class of 2023"  that you need to request access to join. It is a great place to find information, meeting agendas, minutes and upcoming fundraising event info.
    If you have any questions, please email SPPC at staytonsppc@gmail.com.