• Welcome Boosters!

    The 18/19 schoolyear is here!  This is the year my youngest, Riley, graduates from Stayton High School.  I'm proud to think of the changes we have made during his time as an Eagle.  However, this is no time to rest on our accomplishments...  We still have a lot of work to do.  We are excited to begin another great year at Stayton High School.  We want to continue our momentum and the impact we are making on our school and community.  We need your help to make this happen.

    The booster club is a 501(c)(3), completely made up of volunteer members.  Our members get involved because they want to make a difference for our athletes and our school.  My goal, as the booster club president, is to make volunteering simple and easy for our members.  I respect that we all have families, jobs, and other events that require our time.  And while I respect your time, I EXPECT PARENTS TO GET INVOLVED.  The "success formula" is different for every child, but parent involvement is always a component.

    For me personally, I am a booster because I want to show my two sons the importance of community and the power of volunteering.  I want them to realize that our world is what we make it; You can choose to sit back and complain, or you can get involved and make things the way they should be.  I believe athletics have the power to turn our children into confident young men and women.  And I believe that strong athletetics make strong schools, and strong schools make strong communities.

    Boosters hold meetings on the third Wednesday each month during the school year.  These meetings are an opportunity to get updated on current projects, submit new project ideas, and volunteer.  I do not believe a booster must make it to a lot of meetings to be a great booster.  A great booster just needs to keep an eye on their email, and get involved with our projects and/or fundraising. 

    With all our growth, we can use all types of helpers.  Here's a few of the skills we are always looking for:  Painters, Construction, Decorations, Design, Planning, Ad sales, Legal knowledge, Accounting, Note keeping, Auction solicitation, Computer web design, Quickbooks, Excel, Grant Writing, Food Services, and just about every other skill out there.  Most importantly, a great booster must have a great attitude. 

    Please take the time to look around our website to see what we are about.  If you have any questions, feel free to talk to any of our existing boosters or give me a call.  I believe you will find that being a booster is a rewarding experience.

    Randy Forrette / Stayton High School Booster President / 541-740-5819