• Sports Program

    • Promote your business and help the Stayton Booster Club support Stayton athletics.
    • Simple and easy to advertise.
    • All proceeds go to support Stayton High Athletes/teams.
    • Advertising will be placed in a sports program that will be distributed 3 times per year for fall, winter and spring sports.
    • Ad is good for one school year, and renews once per year.



    1. 1/8 page black and white  $150
    2. ¼ page black and white  $200
    3. ½ page black and white  $275
    4. Full page black and white  $550
    5. Full page color  $650
    6. Inside front and back cover color  $750
    7. Back cover color (currently not available)  $900
    8. Message (up to 20 words)  $20



    • Seller must procure ad and payment (payment should be made within 2 weeks of ad sale)
    • All payments should be sent to P.O. box 111 Stayton OR 97383 or given to Van Schoenborn.
    • All checks should be made to Stayton Boosters.
    • Stayton Booster Club does not create ads, buyer must provide their own ad.
    • All ads should be created as the correct size i.e. ¼ page, ½ page etc. (enlarging ads diminishes the ad quality).
    • Stayton Booster Club can scan business cards for an ad (however if they are enlarged too much, the ad quality is diminished.
    • Email your PDF or EPS graphic file to stayton.boosters@gmail.com
    • As soon as ads are sold let Sharon Goodman know who bought the ad, so the “do not solicit” list can be updated.
    • A list of sold ads will be available on our website shortly, so we can make sure businesses are not asked to buy ads multiple times.
    • Ad sales will be cut off the end of July.
    • We are offering messages again this year. This can be a good luck wish to an athlete from a parent, grandparent, etc. Must be an appropriate message. If enough are sold they will be placed on a page together. If only a few are sold they will be distributed throughout the program.