• Coach Fund Request

    Booster's primary focus is to support Stayton High School Athletics.  Any coach needing funds for equipment, uniforms, or anything else sports related, should start by checking with the SHS Athletic Director.  If those funds are not available, please feel free to request the funds from Boosters. Fund requests are always discussed to make sure the purchase provides value. 

    To submit a request, please fill out the "Fund Request Form" and email it to stayton.boosters@gmail.com or print and turn in the form to any Booster board member prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm in the SHS Library.

    Coaches requesting funds (excluding hotel and meal allowances) must attend a Booster Club meeting to present the request and to be available for questions regarding the request. Requests for hotel and meal allowance do not require attending a meeting.