• What do Boosters do?

    Distribute $10,000 in Annual Scholarships

    Create school spirit with Booster Gear sales, the spirit fund, free gear at games, and other activities

    Assist with the purchase of Uniforms, Gear, and Meals.

    Recognize great leaders with Annual Eagle Excellence Awards

    Help distribute funds for water fountains, aluminum bleachers, and other long term needs

    Improve our grounds with basic maintenance: pressure washing, painting, and weeding.

    Clean up our community through our “Adopt a Highway” project.

    Raise funds at the Annual Blue and Gold Auction

    Raise funds through Grant Writing

    Raise funds by selling ads in the Sports Program, holding raffles

    Raise continuous funds through the EPO partnership.

    Oversite of the Senior All-Night Drug and Alcohol Free Party Planning Committee