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    School Nutrition at North Santiam School District would like to thank you for all of your support of our program.  As we continue serving children in the schools, as well as through drive up service and delivery we want to ensure that our program is operated with integrity.  Following the rules below, we will be able to continue serving our current program. Thank you for your help. 

    Program Rules:

    North Santiam is serving Breakfast and Lunch for children from 1-18 years old only

    Only One Meal per Meal Type, Per Child, is Allowed Per Day

    If your child is scheduled to receive these meals on site, during in-school instruction, please do not pick up meals or request delivery


    Starting on March 1st, the service time for grab & go meals is 11:00-12:00 at the following locations

    Stayton Elementary 
    Stayton High
    As of Feb 19th, Stayton Middle School is no longer serving on-site

    Eequal Opportunity Provider

Phone: 503-769-4115


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A Business Hotel Restaurant Management Washington State University

Mike Vetter - Food Services Director

I received my degree from Washington State University-Business Hotel Restaurant Management.  I worked for several restaurants including time spent in healthcare nutrition but has been working for the past 15 plus years in school nutrition and loving it!  When I was a child, having school lunch was a treat and I was always so excited to get money from mom to buy it.  Our foodservice staff and myself want to bring the same excitment to your family.  Thank you for your support.  My favorite breakfast item is Life Cereal.

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Phone: 503-769-2171


Degrees and Certifications:

Stayton High School Food Service

Stayton High offers a variety of foods to purchase as a complete meal or ala carte.  Come try out our food and let us know what you think!


Phone: 503-859-2154


Degrees and Certifications:

Mari-Linn Food Service

Mari-Linn school serves Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch each day. We enjoy when guests come to eat with the students. Mari-Linn has many special events for the families to participate in. We hope that each student has a great day in the cafe everyday!

Phone: 503-769-2336


Degrees and Certifications:

Stayton Elementary Food Service

Stayton Elementary School serves 300+ Kindergarten to 3rd grade students each day for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is free for all students. We have a wonderful new facility and enjoy having guests come to eat with the students.   

Phone: 503-769-2198


Degrees and Certifications:

SIS/SMS Food Service Team

Stayton Middle & Intermediate Food Service offers free breakfast for all students. Intermediate students are able to get a grab and go breakfast to eat in the classroom. Stayton Middle is the central kitchen for the district. The food service team is always in your corner. Please come check us out!

Phone: 503-769-2628


Degrees and Certifications:

Sublimity Food Service

Sublimity Food Service would like to extend a warm welcome to all guests to come and eat breakfast or lunch with students.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the food service team at Sublimity.



Degrees and Certifications: