•  ~ Stayton High School ~


    Immediate Goal

    Student engagement in the classroom will be increased school-wide, as measured by STAR observation tool


    Intermediate Goal #1

    By June of 2017,100% of seniors who needed <8 credits to graduate will be eligible to walk at graduation. Of seniors with more than 8 credits needed to begin the year, all will have a specific action plan towards graduation by October 30.


    Intermediate Goal #2

    SBAC goal: Students with regular attendance, and on regular diplomas, will meet proficiency on the SBAC at a 70% proficiency rate


    Long Range Goal

    Coordinating with district leadership, SHS will extend career pathways and programs, specifically in the areas of Career/Technical Education and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

    ~ High School Athletic Goals ~


    Immediate Goal

    Hold two “Athletics for Parents” events for 50+ parents.


    Intermediate Goal

    All Stayton High School athletic programs will perform at or above the athletic ability of the athletes.


    Long Range Goal

    Substantially upgrade Stayton High School outside facilities by 2020.


  • NSSD Goals Process

    NSSD has a systematic needs assessment and goal setting process that provides a clear and focused direction for the district. Within this process all improvement activities and initiatives for the entire district are identified. This process begins in February when the Board reviews all Board and District Goals. The superintendent follows the Board with his goals for the following year. These two initial steps set the stage for district directors and building principals to make aligned decisions for the coming school year.

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