• Immediate Goal

    Rebound and Recovery from 2020-2021

    In order to further the academic learning for all students, we will need to assess and evaluate for any loss of learning that may have occurred during the spring of 2020 through the end of 2021 school year.

    By the end of the first semester, the learning needs of all students will be identified and a plan of intervention will be devised to support the recovery of all students in their learning.


    Intermediate 1

    AVID Elementary - Advancement Via Individual Determination

    By June 2022, Stayton Elementary will score at least a level 1 (meets certification standards) in the areas of instruction, culture, leadership and systems on their AVID certification.

    Intermediate 2

    RULER - Recognizing - Understanding - Labeling - Expressing - Regulation

    By June 2022, SES teachers will complete their implementation of RULER per the requirements established by the WESD grant.