• Community Engagement Committee
    The Community Engagement Committee is a subcommittee of the North Santiam School District Board of Directors that consists of two board members and NSSD staff.  Historically, the committee typically met monthly during business hours in the Santiam Meeting room. The meeting schedule was posted on the website and the public was allowed to observe. 

     The 2021-22 Board of Directors elected at the August 19, 2021 board meeting to temporarily pause the Community Engagement Committee until they are able to schedule a workshop on the topic of Community Engagement. They wish to reevaluate the purpose, membership and work of the committee in order to better engage parents and members of the community. Currently, the workshop is scheduled for January 2022 and will be facilitated by OSBA (Oregon School Boards Association). 


  • There are no meetings scheduled at this time. 

  • The Board originally appointed the Community Engagement Committee to make recommendations on how the Board and District could better engage the community in schools.  Community focus meetings were held to get input on priorities for the education of students in the North Santiam School District. Below is the culmination of their work to be used in shaping the District's goals.

    1.   The District educates students with a broad-based curriculum designed to educate the whole person; a curriculum that is K-12 aligned, equitable, consistent, and leads to success in the 21st Century.
    2.   The District clearly communicates its vision, mission, and goals and interacts in partnership with community members to effectively meet student needs, student academic progress and program goals, as well as its fiscal responsibilities.
    3.  The community values communication from schools within the District that promote parent and community involvement, programs, curriculum, and high expectations.
    4.  The District aggressively explores all community engagement opportunities, which includes reaching all community members, emphasizing personal contact.
    5.  The District continues to unify all schools within its boundaries, striving for consistent communication and implementation of all curriculum and program offerings.
    6.  The District’s schools are “community schools” with academic programs, co-curricular activities, and life-long learning opportunities that serve all its citizens.
    7.  The District prioritizes school facility improvements so that students will have the best technological access while providing a safe, functional, learning environment that is open to the public and supports extra-curricular activities and programs that make it the centerpiece of the community.

    The CE Committee also assisted in the formation of the Long Range Facilities Master Plan (LRFMP) Committee in order for the community to be involved in the process of review and update of the long-range plan for the District. This LRFMP Committee met between October and April of 2011-12 and recommended a bond for the November 2012 ballot for nearly $23 million in order to improve district facilities and provide a safer environment for students. This bond passed due to the pre-bond work and support of the LRFMP Committee, the Community Engagement Committee, and the Political Action Committee. 

    The Community Engagement Committee continues to strive to provide effective communication to all members of the community about upcoming programs, bond activities, academic achievement and opportunities to engage with each school in the District in an effort providing the best facilities and learning environments".