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     NSSD 2016-2019 Goals 

    The NSSD Board reviews and updates the District and Board Goals every three years. In addition, they review strategies annually that the Board may participate in to help achieve the goals. The Superintendent and Leadership Team also finalize their yearly goals each August. Click here 2018-19 Leadership Team Goals to view them. 


    Mission Statement
    Ensure Students Reach Their Highest Academic and Vocational Potential and Develop into Productive Citizens

    Guiding Principle
    Do What Is Best For Kids

    We Change Kids’ Lives…Through a Commitment to Excellence, Integrity, and Community Engagement

    District Goals
    1. Ensure that each student achieves measurable progress and personal growth each year

    2. Provide quality 21st-century facilities and promote positive school climates

    3. Promote student and staff involvement in the community and involve the community in our schools

    4. Recruit, develop, value, and retain high-quality staff


     Board Goals
    1. Offer the most comprehensive program possible for students and the appropriate staffing to support our

    commitment to doing what is best for kids

    2. Celebrate the successes of the district & community

    3. Routinely monitor the effectiveness of district programs and services in order to better serve kids

    4. Build better relationships with stakeholders of the district through proactive communication exchanges


    Board Strategies for Reaching Goals


    (reviewed annually)


    The primary duties of the Board are planning, policy-making, budget, monitoring, and public relations. The management of the District and individual schools is the responsibility of the Leadership Team, led by the Superintendent and those to whom he delegates authority to (both indirectly and directly).


    In preparing the Board Goals a comprehensive program was defined as not only including academics and the common core, with a high level of career and college prep opportunities, science, technology, engineering, the arts and an excellent and diverse co-curricular program with opportunities to engage a wide variety of student interests.


    Goal #1: Offer the most comprehensive program possible for students and the appropriate staffing to support our commitment to doing what is best for kids


    1. Support, through policy and resources, district efforts to ensure all students are on track to progress academically, culminating in graduation.
    2. Support, through staffing and resources, district efforts to provide the most comprehensive programs and facilities possible.
    3. Provide budgetary and policy support to continue to update curriculum and expand the use of technology in the classroom with a constant target to have a general fund reserve amount equaling  7% of the total budget.


    Goal #2: Celebrate the Successes of the District and Community


    1. Support the use of resources, staff or budget, for the celebration of academic, athletic and career successes of students, staff and alumni.
    2. Seek opportunities to communicate about District, student and staff successes.
      1. Recognize the activities and accomplishments of students, staff and community partnerships at regular board meetings.
      2. Continue to support community engagement through sub-committee work or other means.
      3. Investigate and encourage the application for professional awards sponsored by outside agencies for district staff.
      4. Support a process to present annual awards from the district to staff at all levels.


    Goal #3: Routinely monitor the effectiveness of programs and services in order to better serve kids


    1. Regularly review academic and behavioral data in order to consider the need for additional budgetary support.
      1. Quarterly written updates from the Leadership Team on annual goals.
      2. Periodic presentations on professional development for staff.
      3. Periodic presentations from students or staff on the effectiveness of programs, services and/or activities.
      4. Monthly review progress of goals and strategies at board meetings. 
    1. Ensure a high level of student engagement in co-curricular activities by monitoring student group data for equitable participation.
    2. Provide budgetary support for a district-wide survey of stakeholders (staff, students, parents, community members) regarding school culture and leadership to consider policy adjustments in support of safe and optimal learning environments.
    3. Review policies and procedures to ensure all students have equal access to every program sponsored by the District.
    4. Expect and support HR practices that foster transparency in hiring and retaining high-quality staff for all aspects of district programs.


    Goal #4: Build better relationships with our stakeholders through proactive communication exchanges


    1. Regularly review information on the broad effectiveness of communications using technology and/or social media.
    2. Expect, support and resource effective methods to provide all stakeholders and other interested parties with timely information about district programs, students, activities and staff.
    3. Seek and listen to opinions of stakeholders and others regarding District and Board goals and efforts. Strategies may include listening sessions with parents and community members and sending policy updates directly to stakeholders as attachments instead of links to the website. 
    4. Seek professional development to increase knowledge and skills around equity and diversity in education.