Programs: Stayton Virtual Academy & Locust Street Academy 

    Options Academy Contacts:

    Renee Martinez, Registrar, 503-769-1618
    (call here to report student absences)

    Alan Kirby, Principal, 503-769-2336 ext 5221

     NSSD Options Academy operates as an alternative to traditional learning environments.  For grades K-8, it is available only as a virtual (online) platform.  For grades 10-12, students can choose to learn solely online (Stayton Virtual Academy) or apply to participate in an in-person, teacher-led instructional environment (Locust St. Academy).  See below for more information.

    Students enrolling in Stayton Virtual Academy K-12 (all online) begin the registration process online at Registar:  NSSD REGISTAR.  Families will be contacted further in August to finish registration, meet teachers, and to get materials/technology.

    Registration requests made once a new school year or semester has started will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions, please email to alan.kirby@nsantiam.k12.or.us


    Stayton Virtual Academy K-12




    The Stayton Virtual Academy was created to serve our families who wish to have their children learn from home rather than attending school in-person. Students who enroll in this program will be engaged in distance learning for the entire school year (there will be specific dates when students can change to in-person, if they choose). This program provides the flexibility to allow students to work in a setting that can best meet their needs however, it is important that each student has a designated parent or family member as their “Learning Coach” to support them. This is especially critical for grades K-5. It is also important to note that delivery of instruction depends largely on a student’s ability to read (or listen to) text passages and respond accordingly. If reading comprehension is not a strong skill for your student, Options Academy may not be the best choice for them.  There is no "live" teacher...this is not Comprehensive Distance Learning as some participated in for the 2020-21 school year,

    The program requires internet access. A District-owned chromebook will be provided during the school year to those who request one. Students who enroll in Stayton Virtual Academy can participate in NSSD athletics in grades 6-12 at no cost. They may also be able to participate in activities like band,  choir or drama if class size restrictions are not exceeded. Once classes have begun, students may be able to switch from "in-person" classroom attendance to Options Academy one time per school year, depending on space availability at their grade level. Transfers from Options Academy to in-person schooling will only be allowed at the semester break (end of each January).  

    Beginning with the 2021-22 school year, parents will be able to select from two different curriculum choices as indicated below:

    SchoolsPLP ~ available for grades K-12
    Fuel Education/Stride Learning Solutions ~ available for grades K-6
    Brigham Young University (BYU) ~ available for grades 7-12

    For grades K-5, NSSD staff will be the "teacher of record" who will directly oversee student progress and be available daily to answer questions and provide support. The NSSD teacher will also make virtual, in-person meetings available several times per week.

    For grades 6-8, BYU/SchoolsPLP teachers will be the “teacher of record” and monitor students and will be supported by an NSSD staff.

    K-8 students who choose to enroll online may opt to go back to in-person instruction at any time during the school year (following a short enrollment change process).

    For grades 9-12, NSSD teachers will enroll students in the online portal, but will grade assessments and be available to answer questions as well as provide content support. They will not, however, directly deliver content in each subject as this is provided in the BYU/SchoolsPLP modules online. Staff will help students to create a schedule that includes electives that they choose (this may include some classes from both programs depending on electives).

    Because it is difficult to move 9-12 students from online to in-person in the middle of a term based on credits and curriculum, high school students who choose to enroll online will generally only be allowed to change to in-person at SHS at the semester.

    Students enrolling in Stayton Virtual Academy K-12 (all online) begin the registration process online at Registar:  NSSD REGISTAR.  Families will be contacted further in August to finish registration, meet teachers, and to get materials/technology.


    Locust Street Academy (10-12)

    (In-Person Alternative High School) 

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    NSSD is investing in a building for a group of high school students to receive in-person, teacher-led instruction in a smaller, more focused environment.  The number of seats is limited so not all that apply may be able to attend in-person. The Locust Street Academy program will include two core classes per day, as well as elective opportunities both online and (when possible) at SHS.  Students will complete core classes in these blocks quickly, allowing for more credits to be earned in a shorter time than is typical.  For this reason, strong attendance wil be critical.  LSA has a goal of supporting the whole student, teaching communication and relational skills, and ensuring the best opportunities towards completion. 

    The program will launch fall of 2021, and the new building is scheduled to be completed sometime during the 2021-22 school year (the program will begin in person in an alternate location).  You can also look HERE for a newsletter with more detailed information on the program.  If you have more questions,  feel free to contact Mr. Kirby at alan.kirby@nsantiam.k12.or.us.

    To begin your application for Locust St. Academy, contact your counselor at SHS.


     *Students who wish to complete a GED will automatically be enrolled in Options Academy, and work through Chemeketa's GED program.


    Options Academy Handbook


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