North Santiam School District Community Use Calendar

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    Community Use of Facilities

    The Board recognizes the following principles governing the use of school properties by students and community groups except this policy shall not apply to North Santiam School District clubs/groups which are directly related to the curriculum:

    1. School buildings have been provided by the community primarily for the purpose of providing educational facilities for the students in the district;

    2. Recreational activities are a part of the total education of students; 

    3. Education extends beyond the age of adolescence and into adulthood;

    4. All citizens participate in paying the costs of school construction and operation;

    5. Use of school buildings and property by citizens of the community increases the return to the public for its investment in school property;

    6. School facilities should be made available under capable and responsible adult supervision for community activities.


    Regulations on use of school property:

    Subject to this policy, governing use including the regulations attached and by this reference incorporated herein, school facilities, including both buildings and grounds, will generally be made available for student and community use at times when that use does not conflict with school-sponsored activities and is outside the school day.


    Fee schedule for school facilities.

    The district shall assess fees according to the appropriate administrative regulation.

    District Equipment Check-Out.
    Use the KG R 3 D1-Equip Checkout form to check-out District owned equipment. Subject to availability, fees or deposit.

     Insurance Requirements. 
    Liability insurance is required for anyone using school district property. If you do not have liability insurance, you may purchase a short term plan for your event by clicking here.

    You will need to know the Entity ID & Facility ID for the North Santiam School District which are OB81 & 085 respectively to start the process of purchasing insurance.