• Homeless and Needy

    The Homeless And Needy Dedicated Services Team (HANDS) of the North Santiam School District is dedicated to helping serve the needs of the children and families in our district.


    HANDS Team Members

    Susy Saray-District Community Liaison, David Bolin-Associate Superintendent, Toni Silbernagel-Food Service Director, Janine Christiansen-Business Office, Gary Rychard-Director of Safety, Security & Health Services, Denise Cardinali-District Lead Nurse, Michelle Young-District Nurse, Tiffany Walbridge-Administrative Assistant


    HANDS Team 

    HANDS Team is devoted to supporting our homeless and needy families.  The district has processes in place for identifying our homeless and needy families.  Susy Saray is the District Homeless Liaison that coordinates services.  As part of the process, Susy makes personal contact with each family.  At this time, she provides details regarding funding sources and qualifying services.  The team strives to support families 'individual needs to the greatest extent possible.


    What is McKinny-Vento

    The McKinney-Vento Act’s Education of Homeless Children and Youth Program, ensures that homeless children and youth are provided a free, appropriate public education, despite lack of a fixed place of residence or a supervising parent or guardian.

    Every school district in Oregon has at least one designated Homeless Student Liaison to provide direct assistance to homeless families and unaccompanied youths to access and achieve in school.


    More detailed information can be found at McKinney-Vento Act on ODE Website


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    NSSD Homeless or Needy Student Referral Form

    Anyone may fill out this form and return it to the buildings Student Intervention Team (SIT) team coordinator or building principal or the Homeless Liaison Coordinator (Susy Saray)


    Homeless or Needy Student


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