• Welcome to the North Santiam School District!

     We appreciate the work you do every day with our students.

  • We now partner with Cascade Technology Alliance & EDUStaff to fill our substitute openings.  Ready to complete paperwork and get started?  Visit this link for CTA Substitute Services and select "Start Here." 

    To learn more about the enrollment process overall, please visit the Willamette ESD's website at WESD.


  • Who is EDUStaff? EDUStaff is an educational staffing company that specializes in providing substitute staff to partnering school districts. 


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  • How does EDUStaff partner with Willamette Educational Service District (WESD)/Cascade Technology Alliance (CTA)?  

    Willamette ESD is now part of CTA Substitute Services who will coordinate:

    • Absence Management accounting (formerly Aesop)
    • Training
    • Criminal background checks
    • Any necessary state certifications

    CTA can be reached via email at subservices@cascadetech.org or phone at 1-866-373-4321. 

    Their website address is http://subservices.cascadetech.org/.

    EDUStaff is the employer for all substitutes and will handle:

    • Payroll
    • Tax withholding
    • Reporting

    To learn more about EDUStaff watch this video from an interview with Fox 12 news. EDUStaff Video  

    EDUStaff can be reached by phone at (877) 974-6338 or via live chat at https://www.edustaff.org/.