• Step by Step Directions for Parents & Guardians~


    Click on the Registar ® link to begin completing the registration section. Please note an email address is required in order to register as a user. If you currently have other students enrolled in NSSD, you will need your "PIV/PINNACLE USERNAME". This is the same number used to log into the Pinnacle Grades Viewer on school websites. Prior to the annual re-registration process, schools will also send out a communication with this information. If this is your first student in NSSD, you can simply click on NEW TO NSSD? and begin. Computers will be available by appointment at each school and the district office for those who need internet access and a device to complete the registration process. Printed packets are also available for pick up in the school office for those who choose not to enroll electronically.

    Please read through steps 2-6 to determine which District-wide forms apply for your student(s). You can choose to print the forms you need or save them to your device and send them via email once you've completed all the forms. If you print them, please deliver them to our school office at 431 Main St, Sublimity or fax to 503-769-3383. If you choose to email, please send them to sub.register@nsantiam.k12.or.us


     STEP 2 ~ ONLY FOR FAMILIES NEW TO NSSD ~ if you have an older student already enrolled in NSSD, skip to step 3

    All students must provide proof of residency the first time they enroll in a NSSD school. This could include a utility bill with a your name on it, a rental agreement, mortgage paperwork or a property tax statement. A parent/guardian driver's license will also suffice but for individuals who've recently moved, this can be difficult to obtain in a short time period. If you don't have the ability to scan and send documents, you can take a photo of the documentation on your phone or use a scan to pdf app and then send as an attachment with your other documents. If you don't feel comfortable or don't have the ability to send this information via email, we are happy to verify them in-person when you deliver them to the office. 

    If documentation is unavailable because you are living with family or friends, you can use form #2 which involves the homeowner affirming that the student is residing with them. 

    (1) Verification of Residency in NSSD Boundaries ~ remember to attach a photo or scanned photo of the document used to verify address (if you choose to provide electronically)
    (2) Affirmation of Student's Residency by Non-Parent/Guardian (only needed if the student is residing, along with the parent/guardian, in someone's else's home so they do not have proof of residency)



    Kindergarten aged students must provide the following in order to enroll in a public school. 

    1. Proof of age (i.e. birth certificate, hospital or baptism certificate, passport). If you are unable to provide documentation, please contact our school office.
    2. Immunization Records. Oregon requires that students have at least one round of immunizations before attending school. Your child's medical provider should have a list of immunizations given they can provide to you. Oregon law requires that you sign an official form called Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) which needs to accompany the list from the medical provider. This document must be SIGNED. An electronic signature will not suffice. If you are unable to print it, you may complete it in-person in the school office. 
    3. Dyslexia Family Screening (required by Senate Bill 1003)
    4. Kindergarten Readiness Questionnaire  Please fill out the questionnaire for each student you are registering for kindergarten.



    1) Does your child have an ongoing health condition? If yes, please the fillable pdf below.

    Ongoing Health Condition Supplemental Form (English)
    Ongoing Health Condition Supplemental Form (Spanish)

    2) Does your child have asthma? If yes, please complete the fillable pdf below.

    Asthma Supplemental Form (English)
    Asthma Supplemental Form (Spanish)

    3) Does your child have a serious or severe allergy? If yes, please complete the fillable pdf below

    Severe Allergy Supplemental Form (English)
    Severe Allergy Supplemental Form (Spanish)

    4) Does your child have a seizure disorder? If yes, please complete the fillable pdf below

    Seizures Supplemental Form (English)
    Seizures Supplemental Form (Spanish)

    5) Will your child need to be administered medication at school by district staff? If yes, please complete the fillable pdf below

    Medication Permission Form (English)
    Medication Permission Form (Spanish) 



    Do you wish to volunteer in your student's classroom or attend field trips? If yes, please complete both fillable pdfs below.

    ALL volunteers are required to complete a background form annually and be cleared prior to serving in schools. To ensure you will cleared in time to attend a function or field trip, forms should be submitted at least one week prior so it's a great idea to fill it out now and submit it with the rest of the forms. 

    (please complete both forms)
    Volunteer Background Check Request
    Volunteer Release Agreement



    Will your student need bus transportation to or from school? If yes, and you did not complete this form while working in Registar, please click the icon below to be directed to MidColumbia Bus Company page of this website. Please note that students who live less than one mile from the school do not qualify for bus services.  

    School Bus Registration

    If your student will be picked up after school, you will be asked to please a form to indicate who is authorized to do so once is school is close to starting. 



    Normally this is where parents would set up a meal account and/or apply for free or reduced meal prices but the District has received tentative word that both breakfast and lunch meals will be FREE TO ALL STUDENTS in the 2021-22 school year. Once this has been confirmed, this section will be updated.