• North Santiam School District's Board of Directors


    Board Chair: Alisha Oliver     Board Vice-Chair: Laura Wipper
    Board Members: Mike Wagner, Erin Cramer, Mark Henderson, Coral Ford & Mackenzie Strawn
    Student Representatives to the Board: Tayven Whielden & Sarah Wolf


    The Board meets the third Thursday of each month at 6 pm, rotating locations between the District Office and NSSD school sites. The meeting calendar, agendas & meeting minutes are available from the drop-down menu above. Meeting minutes are approved by the Board at the following month's meeting before being posted to the public. If you are interested in becoming a school board member, please contact Tonia Whisman  



     Current Board Goals & Strategies

       To see the boundaries for each zone position, click on the maps below:

            Zone 1 Map                         Zone 2 Map                        Zone 3 Map                      At Large Zone Map

      Stayton School Boundaries           Sublimity School Boundaries       Mari-Linn School Boundaries        NSSD Boundaries/At-Large



    Director Position 1-Sublimity School Boundaries (Zone 1)
    Mackenzie Strawn, Local Business Owner 
    Board Member Since 2021
    Term Expires 6/30/2025



    Director Position 2-Stayton Schools Boundaries (Zone 2)
    Erin Cramer, Family Practice PA/Director of Clinics
    Board Member Since 2019
    Term Expires 06/30/2023



    Director Position 3-Stayton Schools Boundaries (Zone 2)
    Laura Wipper,  Asset Management Integration Man.
    Board Member Since 2005
    Term Expires 06/30/2025



    Director Position 4-Mari-Linn School Boundaries (Zone 3)
    Mike Wagner ~ Board Chair,  Local Business Owner
    Board Member Since 2007
    Term Expires 6/30/2023








    Director Position 5-NSSD Boundaries
    (At Large #1)

    Mark Henderson, Project Engineer
    Board Member Since May 2021
    Term Expires 06/30/2023

    Director Position 6-Stayton Schools Boundaries (Zone 2)

    Coral Ford,  Senior Contracts and Procurement Officer
    Board Member Since May 2021
    Term Expires 06/30/2023


    Director Position 7-NSSD Boundaries
    (At Large #2)

    Alisha Oliver ~ Vice-Chair, Vice-President of Member Services
    Board Member Since 2017
    Term Expires 06/30/2025



    Student Representative to the School Board

                            Tayven Whielden



    Student Representative to the School Board

                                   Sarah Wolf