• North Santiam School District
    Long Range Facilities Master Planning Committee

    The NSSD Long Range Facilities Master Planning Committee (LRFMP) was re-convened for the third time on October 2, 1019. The first committee was formed in 2011 with a mission to implement a community-based school planning process that would address NSSD facility needs for a 20-year planning period that would be reviewed at five-year intervals. The initial committee recommended a construction bond proposal which was approved by voters in November 2012. 

    A second LRFMP Committee was convened in 2016-17, but did not recommend a construction bond at that time. However, the committee recommended they meet prior to the five-year mark should schools begin to become overcrowded. The District has asked the LRFMP Committee to come together once again due to the current housing expansion in the Stayton and Sublimity communities. 

    There is a committment to form the committee’s membership so that it is a representative group of all of the District’s communities and schools, as well as other government entities and community service organizations. When all NSSD staff, LRFMP Committee and NSSD Board members gather around tables, there are approximately 40 individuals. A large group means there are a lot of different perspectives to consider but it also encourages a well-rounded and multifaceted approach. An approach that is consistent with the District's guiding principle....Do What's Best For All Kids. 



    Tom Lulay, Committee Chair
    Karen Odenthal, Committee Vice-Chair
    Carmelle Bielenberg 
    Damien Centanni 
    Randy Cranston
    Sam Duke 
    Dan Fleishman 
    Coral Ford 
    Randy Forette 
    Priscilla Glidewell 
    Darren Goin 
    Wayne Houghtaling  
    Brandon John 
    Jim Kingsbury 
    Dave Kinney 
    Scott Knox 
    Randy LaFollett 
    Larry McKinley 
    Alan Meyer 
    Nicole Miller 
    Jennifer Niegel
    Karen Odenthal 
    Christie Sphoon 
    Jordan Ohrt 
    Jim Reed 
    Michael Taylor 
    Tyler Sherman